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Education Management System Nigeria (EMASN) is a system that helps the state education administrators to manage the state educational system efficiently; it reduces the labour, cost and time required to manage the education system to the barest minimal. EMASN eliminates the obsolete manual methods of managing our educational system by automating such processes as, but not limited to; examination (BECE, state mock exams, school termly exam),education management information system( EMIS), communication between MOE, schools and the public, management of students and staff statistics, students and staff transfer management, etc. It makes relevant and reliable information about the schools and students in the state available to policy maker just by the click of a button. EMASN simplifies seemingly tedious, financially expensive and time consuming tasks to just a few minutes’ clicks of a computer button. EMASN gives you absolute control of your state education system; it is secured and user friendly.

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E-learning class has commenced for grade 12 students, click here to enter your classroom.



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test event 2121

12121event test.

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Inter-house sports

This is in-house sport activity between the different sport houses in the school..

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